Everyone deserves the highest quality of care from practitioners they trust.

At Albany Family Medicine, we provide comprehensive medical care regardless of age. We are dedicated to promoting wellness and preventing illness and injury.

Our staff of professionals pride themselves on serving the community with professionalism and compassion.

Albany Family Medicine is a training site for Albany Medical Center residents specializing in family medicine. A resident is a physician who has completed medical school and is now receiving extra training in their specialty to provide you and your family with the most up to date health care practices. The residents provide care to patients under the supervision of a senior physician.

This residency program is distinct. Through the relationship with Community Care Physicians, residents at Albany Family Medicine are able to train specifically in private practice. Furthermore, Community Care has an administrative staff focused on the business aspect of health systems, allowing for more growth of the program.

The residency program at Albany Family Medicine demonstrates excellent relationships between the residents, physicians and patients while maintaining access of care.