Albany Family Medicine of Community Care Physicians teaches Albany Medical Center residents in family medicine. The family medicine residency’s uniqueness lies in the resident/faculty camaraderie, excellence in teaching, strong practice management curriculum, and community outreach services. Here you can explore what interests you, find people who inspire and challenge you, and discover a career that is personally and professionally satisfying.

We believe that our program has unique features that distinguish it from other university or community family medicine residency programs. The combination of community, hospital, practice and educational resources we have offer the best possible preparation for a successful career in Family Medicine. Moreover, the scope and breadth of practice, education and research activities at this academic health science center, with which Family Medicine is fully integrated, permits broad options and flexibility in preparing for your future career.

The special strengths of our program include:

  • Outstanding academic quality
  • Family physicians who work closely with other specialists clinically and educationally
  • Flexibility and individualization of the program to meet each resident’s educational goals
  • Diverse faculty with CAQs in Geriatric Medicine, Adolescent Health, and Electronic Fetal Monitoring
  • Supportive staff and colleagues
  • State of the art family health center

Family Medicine is critical to the healthcare landscape

Family medicine residencies like the one at Albany Family Medicine are essential when looking at the medical landscape. This particular discipline enables life-long relationships with patients and families.

Albany Family Medicine and Albany Medical Center foster an environment of experience, exceptional training, and growth, creating proficient clinicians in family medicine. The residency accentuates the principles of family medicine—quality medical care on a continuing basis, from education to practical application.

Graduates have gone on to great accomplishments in academia, sports medicine, women’s health, rural, inner-city, group and solo practices.

  • Neil Mitnick
    Neil C. Mitnick, DO
    Chair and Residency Program Director
  • Carlos Elguero, MD
    Medical Director
  • Nora Callinan, MD
    Associate Program Director

Skilled Clinicians to Teach and Support You

Residents trainingThroughout 3 years of training, residents interact with board certified faculty to gain a strong academic background and hands on clinical experience in family medicine. Our experienced Family Medicine faculty are skilled clinicians and teachers and practice side-by-side with residents in a mentoring relationship designed to promote role-modeling and collegiality. As a resident, you can achieve your individual goals in a supportive teaching environment.

Our residency program also offers a rare educational opportunity because of our affiliation with the Albany College of Pharmacy. We have a professor from the Albany College of Pharmacy as a drug information resource for residents and faculty, as well as Pharm.D. candidates and fifth-year pharmacy students rotating in our office.

Residents of the Family Medicine program receive a full spectrum of family medicine training in both university and community based hospitals, including Albany Medical Center and St. Peter’s Hospital (both in Albany, NY).

This program offers a flexible call schedule with the convenience of home call.

Unique Opportunities

The family medicine residency allows residents to determine which individual path they’d like to pursue.

Our Private Practice Setting

As a resident of our program, you benefit from working in this private practice setting. You can develop a strong foundation in practice management and later become marketable graduates well versed in coding and billing as well as corporate practice financing.

Opened in 2015, Albany Family Medicine supports 31 exam rooms, 2 procedure rooms, assigned resident work stations, on-site laboratory , phlebotomy and a Pharmacy professor, as well as telemedicine capabilities. Here, residents of Albany Medical Center develop their own population of patients in family medicine and also see patients through urgent care, dermatologic procedural clinic, OMT and colposcopy clinics,and women’s reproductive health clinic.


Each family medicine resident establishes mentorship with a faculty member. This relationship helps develop an individualized guide to training. Residents and faculty typically participate in regularly scheduled social activities including trivia nights, bowling excursions, game nights, white water rafting and more. While COVID-19 pandemic has forced us to get a bit more creative with our team building, we are still committed to these activities to strengthen the personal relationship between medical student and mentor, supporting personal and professional growth.

Caring for Our Capital Region Community

Skilled faculty advisors provide professional and personal guidance for each resident. We teach residents how to teach, and we provide opportunities to join the faculty in research

The Capital Region is our home. We live here, work here, and our program extends outside the walls of the workplace into this community we love. Our family medicine residency program provides various opportunities to serve the Capital Region community. Recognizing the medical needs of the underserved, faculty, staff and medical students volunteer and provide educational opportunities to adolescents and adults through health fairs and community outreach in various settings.

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